"Life pours into emergency departments with a distinct flavor..."

About the Book

Life pours into emergency departments with a distinct flavor. The Lady Whose Mouth I Set on Fire gives you a big helping of this dish with dozens of stories that are too bizarre, too horrific, or too hilarious to be true—but they are. Every single story is true and can be relied upon for the reader’s education and enlightenment in medicine or in life. The author, an emergency physician with three decades worth of tales, is looking hard to find humor anywhere he can. Laughter may not always be the best medicine, but sometimes it’s the only one.

Available in paperback, e-book and now audiobook.

Erin RN says:

"5.0 out of 5 stars. Thoroughly enjoyed!

I laughed. I cried. I cringed. I laughed some more.

These stories were told in such a way that you really felt like you were there.

Excellent Job, Dr McAnonymous"

Andrea says:

"Loved this book! I’m not in the healthcare industry, so there were some things I did not understand, but Dr. McAnonymous was very good at footnoting and explaining many of these terms. And even if I still didn’t totally understand, he did a great job with the context to give me enough insight. This is NOT a boring, medical book! It made me laugh a lot, cry a little, wince a little and cringe a time or two. But how could the life of an ER Dr not do that (except maybe laugh)? I gained a great deal of insight into the every day life of ER staff and all they deal with and see. And, I now have an even greater appreciation (if that’s possible) and admiration for what they do and how they maintain their own sanity. Everyone can learn from the Dr.’s approach to life and how to balance tragedy in some areas of life with joy in other areas. Well done Doc!"

Leslie RN says:

"I’m hooked! I read the intro (didn’t skip it) and

was almost late for work because I didn’t want to put it down"

A Paramedic says:

"I don't know who this Dr. McAnonymous is, but as an Emergency Department employee I feel as if I have lived every one of these stories in one way or another. This book is the perfect balance of humor, wisdom, and insight. I binged this like it was the latest top ten release on Netflix. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone that works in emergency medicine or healthcare...or those that love medical dramedy. (You know the type, they are drawn to it just like true crime junkies that can't resist a serial killer story.) A good time and a great read. I can't wait to see what Dr. McAnonymous comes out with next!"

Dr. McAnonymous

About the Author

McAnonymous MD has been practicing in the ED for 30 years. He lives with his wife and kids and lots of other animals. He engages in numerous hobbies in partially successful attempts to maintain sanity.

To contact the publisher or author, email: katydidbooks@gmail.com

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